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We are Aniko & Eniko a team of two mums, founders, and chief editors of

We both have a degree in education, we were classmates in University and even in Primary school. It has been a long friendship. Oldies but Goldies!

We have always enjoyed being creative and it is wonderful that we could always share these ideas. We wanted to take this love of creativity and sharing to a higher level.

A Recipe for Kid-Friendly Christmas Delights

The five gift rule for kids by Messylearningkids

The Five Gift Rule for Kids this Christmas

Now that the holidays are approaching it’s time to start thinking about presents for the kids. Christmas is a time for giving and parents have to get creative with their kids’ presents. The 5 gift rule Christmas is an excellent way to make sure your children are spoiled without going overboard. …

From Tech to Toys – Dazzling Christmas Gift Ideas with Reviews