The Best Bubble Foam Recipe for Having Fun with Your Kids

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Bubble Foam Recipe

Kids DIY Bubble Bath Foam

Most probably you can find all the ingredients at home right now for a DIY foam bubble recipe. 

Making soap foam is not only for bubble bath time, it’s a great idea for an afternoon fun foam sensory activity. It’s just interesting to play with bubbles. 

Follow the instructions on how to make bubble foam for foam sensory play or for a perfect bubble bath.

Bubble Foam Recipe

Materials required for play foam recipe:

bubble plays
How to make play foam with our bubble foam recipe

How to Make Foam Bubbles at Home

Pour the liquid soap and water into a big bowl (this amount is basically 1 part soap and 2 parts water) and add food coloring (I used liquid food coloring, but gel food coloring is also good).

Begin to whip the liquid soap, water, and food coloring together with a hand mixer (or stand mixer) for about a minute until stiff peaks form. 

Transfer the homemade foam to your tray and let the fun sensory bubble activity begin.

If you don’t want to use a hand/stand mixer for this activity, you can try to whisk it, but it’s not the same, it can’t really form stiff peaks.

fun bubbles
How to make home made foam

Edible Bubble Bath

Fun bubble foam is a great sensory material for babies and toddlers. While there are many commercial varieties of toddler foams, you may be wondering how you can make kids foams that are safe for your baby to play with.

So how to make your own DIY bubble bath for toddlers and babies? You only have to drain a can of chickpeas and the liquid left behind is the key to the edible play foam. That liquid is called aquafaba.

Just whip the chickpea liquid until it forms stiff peaks – that is your safe baby foam. You can add some food coloring and cream of tartar to hold its shape (it’s optional). This bubble foam recipe is so simple and even edible.

Play Foam Ideas – How to Use the Fluffy Soap Foam

My toddler enjoys this sensory bin idea filled with just foam bubbles. Kids love messy fun activities and of course, bubbles. I love it too because my toddler can work alone during an activity like this. This soap bubble sensory play is a huge hit for us. This is so much fun!

Once your foam bubbles are ready, use them straight away and enjoy at least half an hour of independent kids’ play! Playing this long with dish soap as a bubble bath would dry those little hands.

play foam
Rainbow bubble play

Add some accessories for more fun. Grab a few tiny toys from the bath toy bin, or add some pompoms, plastic diamonds, bottle tops, buttons, or other toys into your soap foam.

Let your toddler or big kid get creative and let them decide what to add to the bubbles, they have fun ideas for everything. It’s fun playing with anything in foam bubbles.

Sensory Play Tray

It’s quick and easy to set up a soap foam sensory play and you can have so much fun with bubbles without a bathtub.

All you need is a large bin, deep sensory play tray or water table for the soap bubbles. You can prepare these bubble activities for different holidays just use colour foam bubbles for the right occasion and add accessories that represent the actual holiday.

Easter foam bubble ideas

We also made a great bubble foam sensory play for Halloween.

It was a great choice for a pretend game, the girls wore witch costumes and made poison potions.

The poison cards can be downloaded here:

Download Our Flashcards for the Witch’s Brew Halloween Activity
Halloween printable flashcards

Check out this great activity, that our kids have really enjoyed and we can only recommend trying it with your kids too.

You can surely enjoy your cuppa. 🙂

Colored Bubble Bath

Bubbles are not only for toddlers, big kids can enjoy soap foam play during bath time too. We never outgrow bubbles, everybody likes them.

Instead of using Mr Bubbles Foam Soap, just put the budget friendly foam in the bathtub and get ready for fun. You can also put this activity in an inflatable sensory tray.

Painting in the Empty Bathtub

Bubble foam can be used as sensory foam paint in the bathtub. Kids can get messy, but it’s not a problem, because you can nicely wash off the bubble foam after this fun activity since the paint is made with food coloring. 

It was lovely to see our kids playing with bubbles. They really enjoyed this bathtub foam soap activity.

foam sensory paint
Rainbow Bubble Bath Painting Activity

Types of Foam Bubble

White Soap Foam

Making foam bubbles this way is very easy. The base is made with just two ingredients. Without any added color you will get white soap foamy bubbles. Just mix water and liquid soap.

Tear-free soap is the safest but you can use a toddler bubble bath or toddler body wash, I really don’t recommend dish soap. 

Coloured Foam Bubbles (Rainbow Bubble Foam)

You can also create colorful bubbles by using different food coloring (I never use liquid watercolors for colored foam bubbles). To get rainbow bubbles, mix the primary colors with the foam in separate bowls.

Pour the colors next to each other in a large sensory bin, and the rainbow soap foam is ready for sensory play. Have fun mixing it together.  

bubbles fun
Rainbow foams

Kids activities with colored bubbles are not only eye-catching but super fun. Toddlers can also learn color mixing with rainbow sensory foam.


Bubble activities for kids like this foam fun are very beneficial for little children because they use their senses as they learn and investigate their surroundings.

It’s useful in helping them grow and important for brain development. Bath foam for kids makes nerve connections in the brain’s pathways, which means that they can gain the ability to complete more complex learning tasks.

They can actively stimulate 4 senses during these bubble activities for preschool kids: they can smell, see, touch and hear the bubbles.

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