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Chick fork painting with Messy Learning Kids

Egg-citing news! We have a new project that will make you feel egg-stra creative. We cracked open our minds and discovered an egg-cellent craft idea and painting technique. With its cute and colorful chick design, this chick fork painting can be ideal as an Easter craft for kids.

We found this fork painting to be egg-stremely exciting and tried different variations with different ideas.

The Easter chick fork painting craft is a perfect activity to do with your little ones. Kids will love dipping the fork into the paint and making textured patterns on the paper. 

This chick craft will stimulate children’s creativity in a fun and interactive way, and it will also promote the development of their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

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What Materials Will You Need?

Step-By-Step Fork Painting Instructions

Kids will use fork painting for designing cute and cheerful chicks in the quickest and funniest way.

It’s an amazing way to make a unique and textured image of chicks, and little ones will love experimenting with different pressure levels to see what kind of patterns turn out in the end. 

It also provides a great opportunity for parents to teach their children about chicks, their body parts, and their characteristics.

Easter Chick Landscape

To get started, take a sheet of white paper and grab a fork and some yellow paint.

Dip the fork into the paint and use it to make a stamped or painted image of a chick.

Next, it’s time to make a landscape for the chick to live in.

Kids can design a colorful grassy area at the bottom of the paper using Easter grass, buttons, and pom poms. They can experiment with different colors, shapes, and textures to create a realistic-looking and vibrant scene.

Once the grassy area is complete, kids can add some finishing touches to their landscape, such as flowers, trees, clouds made from pipe cleaners, or pom poms and buttons. They can also use markers or colored pencils to draw additional details onto their work of art.

Paper Plate Chick Fork Painting

The Paper Plate Chick is a fun and easy Easter craft activity that kids of all ages can enjoy. To begin, have your child trace their hands onto a piece of white paper and paint them with a fork to create a textured pattern. Once the paint has dried, carefully cut out the handprints. 

Next, it’s time for painting the paper plate yellow using a fork that will result in a unique texture.

Once the paint on the plate has dried, use tape to attach the handprint wings to the sides of the plate.

Glue googly eyes or buttons to the front of the plate and attach a beak from orange construction paper.

Kids can decorate the paper plate chicks with colorful buttons, pipe cleaners, or pom poms to create a unique look. We didn’t add legs, but legs can be easily made from pipe cleaners.

Foam Paper Chick

To start, cut out an egg shape from yellow foam sheets or you can buy ready egg-shaped foam sheets. Next, have your child trace their hands on white paper, paint them with a fork, and cut them out. Kids can easily trace and cut out the shape with supervision from an adult.

Using glue, attach the handprint to the top of the foam egg shape to make a crest that resembles the top of a chick’s head. 

After the crest is in place, kids can add feathers to the wings using glue. You can use either yellow feathers to match the chick’s body or opt for a contrasting color to make the wings stand out.

The next step is to decorate the chick’s body with different materials such as googly eyes, buttons, pom poms, pipe cleaners, or flowers for crafts. Don’t forget to make, and glue on a beak. Kids can use their creativity to decide where to place each item.


If you are looking for an easy craft for kids, Easter chick fork painting will be a perfect choice since it’s quick and easy to set up. Kids will enjoy painting chicks and it will be very interesting for them to dip a fork in yellow paint.

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