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Dolphin crafts

Are you seeking a fun and engaging activity to enjoy with your children? If you recently found yourselves with a free morning and a desire to get crafty, I have just a suggestion for you: dolphin crafts! Last week, my kids and I had a fantastic time creating various crafty projects centered around dolphins, as per their request.

Inspired by our recent coastal walks where we spotted dolphins in the water, we’ve delved into these engaging and creative dolphin crafts and activities to keep the magic of those moments alive.

Dolphin crafts encompass a wide range of imaginative and hands-on activities that allow children to explore their creativity while having fun. From simple paper plate dolphins to intricate art projects and decorative items, there are countless possibilities to bring the beauty and charm of dolphins into your home.

Engaging children in craft activities offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it fosters their creativity and imagination, encouraging them to think outside the box and express themselves artistically. Dolphin crafts for kids provide an excellent opportunity to learn about marine life, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the natural world.

Crafting also promotes the development of fine motor skills as children manipulate various materials, cut shapes, and glue pieces together. It can enhance their hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and problem-solving abilities. They are furthermore, engaging in craft activities as a family promotes bonding, communication, and the sharing of ideas and techniques.

Crafting with dolphins as the central theme has been a joyous and rewarding experience for my kids and me. It not only provided a productive and enjoyable way to spend our free time but also allowed us to explore the wonders of the ocean and unleash our artistic spirits.

Immersed in the world of dolphins, we’ve been reading captivating books about these incredible creatures and indulging in dolphin-related games. It’s been a whirlwind of dolphin fascination as our kids can’t stop talking about these remarkable aquatic animals.

So, if you’re looking for a delightful and educational activity to enjoy with your children, why not embark on your dolphin crafting adventure? Unleash your imagination, create lasting memories, and dive into the world of dolphins with your little ones.

Dolphin Printables

Dolphin Craft Paper Plate – Dolphin Leaping through the Sunset

Get ready to dive into a fun and interactive crafting adventure with the Paper Plate Dolphin! Using just a few simple materials, you and your little ones can create a delightful craft that brings the ocean to life. 

What will You Need?

What to Do?

With these materials in hand, your kids are all set to embark on a step-by-step journey to create their very own interactive Paper Plate Dolphin.

They can start by taking one paper plate and transforming the inside into a breathtaking sunset. Using warm and vibrant colors like orange, pink, and yellow, they can paint a beautiful sunset scene.

Dolphin Paper Plate Painting

Next, they can take the other paper plate and cut it in half if needed. On the back of the half plate, they can paint with shades of blue and green to represent the serene ocean waters. Encourage their imagination to flow as they create a watery effect on the plate.

Once the paint has dried, it’s time to assemble their dolphin craft. They can glue the straight edges of the ocean plate to the curved edge of the sunset plate, leaving a space unglued in the middle. This space will be where the magic happens!

Now, it’s time to bring their dolphin to life. They can either print out a dolphin template or draw and cut out a dolphin shape on a piece of paper. Making sure it is small enough to fit on the craft stick or popsicle stick, they can glue the dolphin cut-out onto the stick, creating a puppet-like dolphin figure.

They can then insert the craft stick with the dolphin puppet into the unglued space in the middle of the paper plates. Encourage them to position it in a way that makes the dolphin appear to be jumping out of the water.

Dolphin Crafts

And there you have it! Their interactive Paper Plate Dolphin craft is complete. They can get ready for imaginative play as they move the craft stick from side to side, making the dolphin leaps through the vibrant sunset and dives into the calm ocean waves.

Encourage them to add their personal touch by decorating their dolphin paper plate with additional embellishments or decorations. Let their creativity shine and enjoy a splashing good time with their crafty creation. Get ready for a sea of fun!

Dolphin Spray Art – Perfect Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

Dolphin Spray Art combines creativity, outdoor enjoyment, and sensory stimulation to offer children an enriching and memorable experience.

What Will You Need?

What to Do?

On a large cardboard surface, such as white cardboard (which is ideal) or brown cardboard (as we used), draw several dolphin outlines. These will serve as the canvas for the spray art. Gather a few travel spray bottles in good condition. Aim for one bottle per desired color. Make sure they are clean before use. 

Dolphins Spray Art Materials

Fill each spray bottle halfway with water. The amount will depend on bottle size and desired color intensity. Add a few drops of food coloring to each bottle, choosing different colors for each one. This will create a vibrant and visually appealing palette. 

Dolphin Spray Art - Water Dying

Take the activity outdoors to provide ample space for creativity and minimize potential mess inside. Gather your kids and invite them to participate in the splish splash spray art. Instruct the kids to hold the spray bottles and start spraying the colored water onto the cardboard. 

Dolphin Spray Art Creation

Encourage them to focus on the dolphin outlines while experimenting with various spraying techniques, angles, and distances. This allows for the creation of unique effects and patterns. 

As the colored water is sprayed onto the cardboard, the surface will come alive with beautiful colors. The dolphins will be transformed into vibrant, eye-catching masterpieces.

Manipulating the spray bottles and controlling the spraying motions help enhance fine motor skills. Children improve their hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity, and overall control.

Engaging in Dolphin Spray Art offers a multisensory experience. Children can observe the vivid colors, listen to the spraying sounds, and feel the mist on their skin. This sensory stimulation enhances their perception and engagement.

Dolphin Spray Art

Tissue Paper Dolphin Craft

Engaging toddlers in this cute craft allows them to have fun while enhancing their motor skills, creativity, and patience. Encourage them to enjoy the process and celebrate their completed tissue paper dolphin masterpiece!

What Will You Need?

What to Do?

Print out one of our adorable dolphin templates, specially designed for this craft. The template will serve as the base for the craft. Encourage the kids to prepare their own blue and white tissue paper squares.

They can tear or cut the tissue paper into small pieces, creating a collection of colorful squares. Guide the kids to apply glue onto the dolphin template. They can use glue sticks or brushes to dab a small portion of the dolphin surface with glue.

Tissue Paper Dolphin Craft with Toddler

Let the kids unleash their creativity! They can take the prepared tissue paper squares and crinkle or fold them into various shapes. The crinkled tissue pieces are then inserted into the glued areas of the dolphin template. Kids should repeat this step, filling the entire dolphin with their chosen tissue paper squares.

Encourage the kids to take their time and enjoy the craft activity. They can experiment with different textures, patterns, and colors, creating unique and personalized tissue paper dolphins.

Manipulating tissue paper squares, tearing or cutting them, and placing them onto the dolphin template helps improve fine motor skills, coordination, and control. Kids can explore their creativity by choosing colors, arranging tissue paper pieces, and envisioning their own unique dolphin designs. Encouraging kids to work on completing their tissue paper dolphins fosters concentration, patience, and a sense of accomplishment.

By allowing kids to take charge of making their own materials, the Tissue Paper Dolphin Craft becomes a wonderful opportunity for them to express their creativity and develop essential skills. Embrace the joy and excitement as they create their personalized tissue paper dolphin masterpieces!

Dolphin Tissue Paper Craft

Dolphin Sculpture

One afternoon, Emma’s friends came over, and a talented 13-year-old girl decided to create a dolphin sculpture using cardboard.

What will You Need?

Learn How to Make It

She began by using one of the printable dolphin templates and traced it onto the cardboard, creating two dolphin shapes for the top and bottom of the sculpture. Carefully cutting them out, she also created a long strip that would serve as the dolphin’s side.

Dolphin Sculpture - The Dolphin

The next step proved a bit challenging, as hot glue was required. Taking over the project to ensure safety, I assisted by attaching the bottom piece to the side and folding the long cardboard strip along the outline of the cutout dolphin. Once secure, the top piece was glued into place.

Dolphin Sculpture Materials

After the quick-drying glue had set, I handed the dolphin sculpture back to our little friend, who began applying Mod Podge to the cardboard. Layer by layer, she covered it with blue napkins, carefully smoothing them out. Finally, she sealed the entire surface with a coat of Mod Podge.

Covering the Dolphin Cardboard

After allowing it to dry for a few hours, she added some googly eyes to bring the dolphin to life. And there it was, proudly displayed on her shelf—a beautiful dolphin sculpture created with love and creativity.

Dolphin Sculpture on the Shelf

Dolphin Cookies

We have already created some Dolphin Cookies, and they are truly a fantastic edible crafty activity to enjoy in the kitchen on rainy days. These delightful treats combine the joy of baking with the creativity of crafting, making them a perfect way to spend time indoors. 

Shaped like adorable dolphins, these cookies are both visually appealing and delicious. Whether you’re spending time with family, entertaining kids, or simply looking for a fun and tasty project, Dolphin Cookies are sure to bring smiles and satisfy your sweet tooth.

kids decorated dolphin cookies

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These crafty activities, such as the paper plate crafts and the creation of a sculpture, have sparked joy and curiosity in children. By engaging children in hands-on craft activities, we can nurture their creativity, enhance their fine motor skills, and promote imaginative play. Let’s embrace the magic of crafting and encourage our children to explore their artistic abilities. Together, we can create memorable experiences and inspire a lifelong love for creativity.

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