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easy pipe cleaner spider

We decided to do some easy pipe cleaner spider crafts with our kids for Halloween and we actually chose 3 super simple crafts that we thought would be fun for you to do too. 

Read more to find the description of each pipe cleaner spider craft and don’t forget to watch the video.

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Short Note on Pipe Cleaners

Did you know that a pipe cleaner was originally invented to clean tobacco pipes? Sure you did!

Making pipe cleaner animals out of these colorful pipe cleaners.
Preparing some colorful crafts with pipe cleaners

I did a little search online since I was curious to know more, and they were invented in the early 19th century.

But it’s not registered when pipe cleaners were used for crafting first. Maybe someone was just looking at their pipe cleaner at one point and thought, “huh, this would make a pretty good snake.”

And so the craft was born! And we are happy that it has happened because we have many ideas too.

Pipe Cleaner Spiders

Whether you’re a fan of creepy crawlies or just want to create something cool and spooky for Halloween, or as a decoration for fall, these pipe cleaner spiders will be sure to get the job done!

Each method of these pipe cleaner crafts is quick and easy, and the final product is surprisingly cute. And probably it will help kids be less afraid of spiders.

So get your craft supplies ready and let’s get started! 

halloween crafts with pipe cleaners
DIY spiders

Spider Craft Supplies: 

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Spiders

When October crawls around, everyone gets excited for Halloween. Creep calm and creative, because you can make your own cute spiders for decorating.

This easy pipe cleaner spider craft is suitable for all ages. Gather your supplies and read the following tips on how to make pipe cleaner spiders! 

easy pipe cleaner crafts
Our purple DIY Halloween spiders getting ready soon
  1. Cut 4 pipe cleaners in half and shape them to get two legs from one pipe cleaner.
  2. Place those 4 pairs of spider legs crossing one another, and glue them to a bigger pom pom that will be the body of your pipe cleaner spider.
  3. Then glue a small pom pom to the body to get the head. Stick on the googly eyes, two or a bunch, and your spider is complete! Don’t forget to count the number of legs!

There is another easy pipe cleaner craft to create a pom pom spider. Stick together a smaller and a bigger pom pom with glue. Cut 8 equal pieces from the pipe cleaner to create the legs, and stab them into the pom pom spider body.

Fill your table with these cute spiders as a decoration for Halloween! 

projects with pipe cleaners
diy halloween spiders
how to make a spider out of pipe cleaners

How to make a spider for Halloween?

How to Make a Beaded Spider?

What Additional Materials Will You Need?

It’s a very easy spider craft, that is both a sensory and fine motor activity

  • First, you will have to make the spider’s body from playdough. Simply roll a ball from a bigger piece of playdough. Your kids will be happy to roll the playdough and make a little mess before you actually start the real spider craft.
easy crafts with pipe cleaners
How to make a spider with pipe cleaners and playdough?
  • Then, cut 4 black pipe cleaners in half, let your child stab each pipe cleaner leg in place, and add the googly eyes. Making those little fingers work will help children develop hand strength and practice their pincer grasp.
easy step by step easy pipe cleaner animals
Black pipe cleaner crafts
  • Here comes the fine part continuing working on their fine motor skills. Prepare some beads in a small bowl and let your kids thread the beads along the pipe cleaner.
what to make out of pipe cleaners
spider arts and crafts
crafts with pipe cleaners and beads

You can find some homemade playdough recipes on our website: The Easiest Homemade Playdough Without Cream of Tartar and Easy Salt Dough Recipe.

Pipe Cleaner Spider Ring

Make a pretty Halloween accessory for those little hands that your kids will tarantu-love a lot. Grab a few pipe cleaners and get ready to let your creativity run wild!

Start by creating the ring base. To do this, simply twist a pipe cleaner around your child’s finger (but not too tight). Cut the leftovers, but leave a little bit so you can attach the body part later.

small pipe cleaners
Spider pipe cleaner craft started to get done

Next, create the spider’s body by making a spiral from one pipe cleaner. Attach the body to the ring base by bending hooks from the pointy ends of the twisted ring.

easy step by step easy pipe cleaner crafts
Some simple pipe cleaner crafts step by step

Cut 8 equal pieces for the legs and twist them to the spiral body one by one. Bend the legs a little bit to get a nice spidery look.

step by step pipe cleaner crafts
How to make a homemade spider ring?

Glue a pom pom to the body to get the spider’s head. And finally, stick the googly eyes, and your Halloween costume accessory is ready to be worn.

step by step pipe cleaner animals
Realistic pipe cleaner animals – this time a Spider Ring

How to Make a Spiderweb out of Pipe Cleaners

We all know that spiders are amazing creatures. They can spin webs that are strong enough to catch prey and they can do it quickly.  And making a spiderweb out of pipe cleaners can be done as quickly too.

cool things to make with pipe cleaners
Our pipe cleaner creations

It can be a spooktacular decoration for your house for Halloween. Let’s hang out with your kids and get crafty

Start by preparing 8 white pipe cleaners for the spider web. Then extend the length of 4 pipe cleaners, which means you will connect two pipe cleaners four times.

Then, make a star shape and twist the pipe cleaners in the middle. This will be the basis for your spiderweb.

Once the base of the web is ready, create the radial spokes by adding more pipe cleaners. But this time around the base center, and in a spiral motion, starting with a smaller circle (octagon) close to the center.

Twist each time you pass a base pipe cleaner. Then repeat it two more times, making extending radial spokes each time.

Other Pipe Cleaner Halloween Crafts

We’ve got a great printable template that you can follow to make some spooky ghosts, witches, hats, and cats from pipe cleaners.

Download Our Halloween Pipe Cleaner Crafts Template
things to make out of pipe cleaners

You will be able to make more Halloween decorations with this easy guide. Just print the template, then bend and twist your pipe cleaners into the desired spooky shape. 

Check out Witch’s Broomstick Activity with more pipe cleaners and beads! We have the perfect Halloween fine motor crafts to make your holiday spook-tacular!

There are great pipe cleaner pumpkin crafts we have created for Halloween that you might like!

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