5 Fun Elmer the Elephant Activities for Toddlers

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Elmer the Elephant Activities for Toddlers by Messy Learning Kids

If your toddler loves Elmer, then these activities are the perfect way to bring the story to life and inspire their creativity. These Elmer the Elephant Activities for toddlers are great for developing your child’s motor skills, imagination, and sensory awareness. 

It’s perfect for World Book Day, or an Elmer book-themed activity. Elmer the Elephant is a beloved children’s book character, known for his colorful patchwork appearance and friendly personality. 

Elmer: 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition
  • Hardcover Book
  • McKee, David (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 32 Pages - 05/02/2019 (Publication Date) - Andersen Press (Publisher)

If you have a Yoto or Toniebox, or any other story box, you can also listen to the story before you start these activities.

We have prepared 5 fun Elmer themed activities for you to try that are easy to set up and will keep your little ones entertained. So grab some art supplies and let the creativity flow!

Elmer Printing with Sponge Slices

Printing with Sponge Slices is a fun and easy activity that your toddler will love. Using simple materials, this activity is perfect for a rainy day or any day you want to keep your little one entertained.

What to Do?

To create a checkered Elmer print, start by drawing the outline and checkers of Elmer on the large craft paper using a marker.  Next, cut up a dish sponge into small pieces and set them aside. 

Then, prepare a tempera paint tray by pouring different colors of paint into separate sections. Let your little one dip the sponge pieces into the paint. Use them to daub onto the paper within the lines of the checkered pattern. This will create a colorful and unique Elmer print.  

Allow the paint to dry completely before displaying or using it as desired. 

This fun activity is an excellent way for toddlers to develop their creativity and fine motor skills.  While also creating a fun piece of artwork inspired by the beloved character of Elmer the Elephant.

Playdough Elephant Fun

Lara’s imagination took the previous Elmer Printing activity to another level. She asked to continue decorating Elmer the Elephant’s patches. 

That’s when we came up with the Playdough Elephant Fun activity. It is a striking sensory experience for toddlers.

What Will You Need?

What to Do?

Cover the printed and already painted Elmer picture from activity 1. With self-adhesive transparent vinyl or with clear tape to laminate it. Cut the elephant out and lay it on a flat surface. 

Give your child the different colored playdough: we can offer you a variety of homemade playdough recipes, such as salt dough.

Let them decorate the patches of Elmer’s body with the play dough.

They can mix colors, and flatten the dough to create a smooth surface. Or roll it into balls and press them onto Elmer’s patches to create a textured surface. 

Your child can also use their fingers or different playdough tools to create different shapes and designs. Toddlers will love the squishy feel of the play dough.

Sticker Mania- Mosaic Elephant

This simple activity was also Lara’s idea. If you might follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok, you might know we love using stickers in our activities: for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, for 18 month old toddlers, etc. This mosaic activity will encourage your little one to decorate their toy elephant with colorful stickers. It’s an excellent opportunity to stimulate their creativity and imagination.

What Will You Need?

What to Do?

To try this activity at home, simply give your toddler a toy elephant and some colorful stickers. And let them unleash their creativity. 

Encourage them to cover the elephant with stickers in any way they like. Whether it’s by creating a pattern or just sticking them on randomly. 

This is a great activity for developing your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, while also sparking their imagination and love of storytelling.

And who knows, they might even come up with their own unique twist on the classic Elmer the Elephant story!

Elmer Sticky Notes on a Life-Size Cutout

This engaging Elmer activity involves decorating a life-size cutout of themselves using a variety of colorful sticky notes. All you need is a few simple supplies to get started. 

Everybody has sticky notes in the house but you will need at least 3 colors for this project. Follow these easy steps. And watch as your child brings their own unique style to their life-size portrait!

What Will You Need?

What to Do?

Grab a long piece of paper roll and get your little one to lie on the paper, then draw an outline of them.

Once they stand up cut the silhouette out. 

Tape it on the wall and give your child the sticky notes to cover the template.

Encourage your child to cover the entire silhouette with sticky notes. Use different colors to create a patchwork effect. 

You can even suggest using a variety of shapes and sizes of sticky notes to add more texture and depth to the design. 

Once your child has finished, step back and admire their unique artwork. This activity helps improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Plus, it’s a great way to spend quality time with your little one!

Patchwork Sensory Bottle

Create a mesmerizing sensory experience for your little one with this Patchwork Sensory Bottle activity. This fun Elmer-inspired activity can help stimulate your child’s senses and improve their visual tracking skills.

What Will You Need?

What to Do?

Add colorful crafting materials and any small objects that your child may find interesting. 

Then, fill the bottle with water leaving some space at the top.

It will allow for the sensory decoration to move around. 

Close the lid tightly. Give the bottle a good shake to mix everything up. 

Your toddler can now watch as the objects move around. It will create a beautiful sensory experience. This Elmer sensory activity can be a great way to stimulate your child’s senses. It also helps them with their visual tracking skills. 


Elmer the Elephant Activities for Toddlers are fantastic opportunities to have fun and learn. Our activities are perfect for World Book Day or as part of an Elmer-themed celebration. 

These activities, like painting, playdough, stickers, and notes on a cutout, encourage imagination, creativity, and storytelling. Toddlers who try them can get better at moving their hands and eyes, and become more aware of their senses.

Spend quality time with your little ones as you explore the world of Elmer the Elephant together.

But wait, there’s more! If your kids enjoyed the Elmer activities, we have a special bonus activity that’s sure to delight them even more!

Discover the technique of melting crayons in the oven to create a patchwork elephant.

If you are interested in more World Book day activities, take a look at our Very Hungry Caterpillar activities. Don’t forget to take a peek at Messy Learning Kids for more creative ideas!

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