Celebrate Dad: Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

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Father's Day Crafts for Kids

Get ready to celebrate the amazing men in our lives because Father’s Day is just around the corner! This special day is all about showing some love, appreciation, and dad-ication to our fathers and father figures.

Just like how we honor our superhero moms on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day gives us a chance to shine the spotlight on the incredible dads, stepdads, grandpas, and all those fatherly figures who make our lives extra special.

Father’s Day is not just a token event on the calendar; it’s a heartfelt reminder of the superhero powers that fathers possess. They’re not just masters of “dad jokes” and BBQ grillers extraordinaire, but they’re also our biggest cheerleaders, shoulder to cry on, and wise sages who guide us through life’s adventures.

This day is all about celebrating the strength, wisdom, and unconditional love that fathers shower upon us. It’s a time to let them know how grateful we are for their superhero powers of protection, their ability to fix everything from broken toys to broken hearts, and their unwavering support that makes us feel like we can conquer the world.

Father’s Day gives us an opportunity to bridge the emotional gap and create everlasting memories with our dads. It’s a chance to bond over shared activities, create inside jokes that only a father and child can understand, and let them know that they’re the “grilliant” stars of our lives.

Lara with her father

Engaging Kids in Father’s Day Crafting Activities 

Let’s get ready to embark on an epic Father’s Day crafting adventure with our little Picassos-in-training! Crafting with kids isn’t just about glitter and glue – it’s a chance for them to unleash their imagination, flex their creative muscles, and have a blast while doing it.

When kids get their hands dirty in the world of crafting, it’s like giving them a magic wand to unleash their creativity. They become little masters of DIY, turning ordinary materials into extraordinary works of art. From finger-painted masterpieces that would make Van Gogh jealous to carefully crafted collages that deserve their own gallery exhibition, their creativity knows no bounds!

But here’s the best part – when kids create something special for their dads, it’s like the crafting universe aligns with pure awesomeness. It’s a chance for them to shine as mini artists, creating handmade gifts to make their dads beam with pride. Talk about a major boost to their crafty ego!

Crafting together for Father’s Day not only lets your child flex their creative muscles but also strengthens the bond between you and your little one. It’s a moment of teamwork and laughter, where you both put on your crafting capes and embark on a mission to create something meaningful for the world’s greatest dad. Plus, you’ll create memories that will make your heart do a happy crafty dance.

Emma and Sara with their dad

In the following sections, we’ll dive into some crafty ideas that moms and kids can tackle together, making Father’s Day even more special. These activities not only bring out our creative sides but also provide a heartfelt way to express our love and appreciation through handmade gifts.

So, grab your glue guns and get ready to craft some memories that will make your dad go “aww” and maybe even shed a tear of joy. Let’s make this Father’s Day one for the books – or should we say, “the comic books” – as we celebrate the extraordinary men who have shaped our lives with their love and laughter.

Superhero Handprint Cards – Last Minute Father’s Day Gift

We have an incredible, time-saving craft that will make your dad’s heart soar like a superhero in no time. Get ready to unleash your crafting powers and create Superhero Handprint Cards that will make your dad feel like the ultimate hero!

What will You Need? 

No need to stress over complicated projects or time-consuming crafts. This easy-peasy activity requires just a few basic supplies:

🎨 Paint

📃 Craft papers

🖊 Markers

Handprint HULK for Father's Day

What to Do?

Gather your crafting supplies and set up your creative space. Lay out the paints, craft papers, and markers, ensuring everything is within easy reach. It’s time to get your hands a little messy, but don’t worry – heroes embrace the mess! Start by carefully painting your child’s hand with their chosen superhero color. Make sure to cover the entire hand with paint, just like a superhero costume!

Guide your child to press their painted hand onto a piece of paper, creating a vibrant and unique handprint. This is where the magic begins!

Patience is a superpower! Allow the paint to dry completely. While you wait, you and your little hero can brainstorm ideas for adding those special superhero details.

Will it be a symbol that represents your dad’s superpowers or a cape that adds an extra touch of heroism?

Once the paint is dry, it’s time to unleash your creative talents. Take your markers and let your imaginations soar as you add those superhero details.

Draw capes, masks, lightning bolts, or any other elements that will transform your handprint into a truly remarkable superhero masterpiece.

Don’t forget to leave your superhero stamp with a heartfelt message.

Write a note to your dad, expressing your love and gratitude for being the incredible hero he is. You can even add a punny line like, “Dad, you’re my hero in every sense of the word!”

And there you have it – a Superhero Handprint Card that’s sure to make your dad feel like the mightiest hero in the universe. Your creative collaboration will not only produce an amazing gift but also strengthen the bond between you and your child as you work together on this special project.

Superhero Hand and footprint for Father's Day

So, superhero moms, grab your little sidekicks and let the crafting adventure begin! This Father’s Day, show your dad that he’s your real-life superhero with a personalized handprint card that will make his heart soar. Get ready to create a masterpiece that will have your dad exclaiming, “I have the most super family ever!”

Jar for the Coolest Daddy – Budget-friendly Father’s Day Gift

Get ready to create a Father’s Day gift that will make your dad feel like the coolest daddy in town. And the best part? It doesn’t have to break the bank! We’re talking about a super-fun and budget-friendly Father’s Day Gift in a Jar that you and your little ones can create together.

What will You Need? 

🏺 Jar – Pick a jar that’s as cool as your dad!

📜 Foam paper

🔴 Pom-poms

👀 Googly eyes

🔫 Glue Gun – Your secret weapon for keeping everything in place.

🍫 Chocolate ball

Liquid chalk marker

What to Do?

Cut out an ice cream cone shape from the foam paper and glue it onto the jar. Time to add the ice cream scoops! Glue three pom-poms on top of the cone to create a delicious stack of flavors. Choose colors that represent your dad’s awesome personality!

Bring your ice cream cone to life by sticking on some googly eyes. These little guys will give your creation a playful and adorable touch.

Get your liquid chalk marker ready and write your cool note on the jar. It could be something like, “Dad, you’re the coolest scoop in our family! Happy Father’s Day!”

Now, the most delicious part – fill the jar with those delectable chocolate balls. It’s like a treasure chest of sweetness that your dad will absolutely love!

And there you have it – a Father’s Day Gift in a Jar that’s as sweet as can be! Every time Dad looks at this fantastic creation, he’ll be reminded of the love and effort you put into making it. It’s a thoughtful gift that will melt his heart and satisfy his sweet tooth.

Sweet Father's Day Crafts for Kids

So, moms, get ready to scoop up some crafting fun with your little ones. Let’s show our dads just how cool they are with a gift that’s as sweet as their love. And remember, when it comes to celebrating Father’s Day, the key ingredient is always love, topped with a sprinkle of creativity!

Lego Superhero Shadowbox – Building Memories for Marvel-Loving Dads!

Are you ready to create an epic Father’s Day gift that will make your dad feel like he’s part of the Marvel universe? It’s time to unleash your inner builder and embark on a LEGO-tastic adventure with a Lego Superhero Frame!

So, let’s gather those superhero LEGO mini-figures and assemble them into a keepsake frame that your dad will cherish forever.

What will You Need to Bring this heroic Creation to Life?

🦸 Lego Marvel or DC superheroes – Choose dad’s favorite characters and get ready to create a squad of super-powered awesomeness. We decided to select Ironman, Captain America, Thor and Spiderman.

🖼️ Shadowbox 

🔠 Plywood letters

🖍️ Markers 

🔫 Glue gun

What to Do?

Assemble your plywood letters (DAD) and attach them to the frame’s background using the glue gun. This is a pun-tastic way to let your dad know he’s the real-life superhero in your life!

It’s time to bring your LEGO superheroes to life! Carefully place them inside the frame, arranging them in a way that showcases their superpowers and personalities.

Create a dynamic scene that captures the essence of your dad’s favorite heroes.

Now, it’s your turn to become the master artist. Grab those markers and add some personal touches to the frame.

Write a heartfelt note or a punny message, like “Dad, you’re the hero who always saves the day! Happy Father’s Day!”

Pro tip: If you’re on a budget, consider ordering LEGO superheroes online or exploring second-hand options.

You’ll find amazing deals that won’t break the bank, allowing you to assemble an extraordinary gift without draining your superhero savings!

And there you have it – a Lego Superhero Frame that will make your dad feel like he’s part of the action-packed world of Marvel. Every time he looks at this masterpiece, he’ll be reminded of the love and creativity you poured into creating it just for him.

So, superhero moms, let’s unleash our inner builders and make this Father’s Day an unforgettable adventure. Get ready to hear him exclaim, “I have the best superhero family ever!”

Go ahead and build those memories, one LEGO brick at a time!

Scribble Mug: A Toddler’s Masterpiece for Father’s Day!

Here’s another budget-friendly craft idea that will make your little one’s scribbles shine! Introducing the Scribble Mug – a personalized masterpiece created with love and a whole lot of creativity.

You know how toddlers love to scribble and explore their artistic side? Well, this gift idea is perfect for them! Let me share how you can create this adorable mug together:

What will You Need?

☕️ Ceramic mug

🖊 Permanent markers (We used Sharpie

🔧 Stickers (with Cricut I made our own stickers on self-adhesive foils)

What to Do?

Start by applying stickers to the clean mug. You can create your own custom stickers using a Cricut machine or use pre-made ones. Choose stickers that reflect Dad’s interests or hobbies. It could be anything from sports to animals and superheroes!

Now comes the fun part! Hand the mug over to your little toddler and let them scribble and color to their heart’s content. Watch as their tiny hands create a unique masterpiece that’s filled with their love and imagination. Don’t worry about perfection – this is all about embracing their creativity!

Toddler is scribbling on Mug - Father's Day Crafts for Kids

Once your little one is done with their scribbling adventure, carefully peel off the stickers to reveal the magical design that lies beneath. The contrast between the colorful scribbles and the sticker shapes will make this mug truly special.

And voila! Your Scribble Mug is ready to be filled with love and hot beverages for your dad to enjoy. Every time he takes a sip, he’ll be reminded of his special bond with his little artist and the joy of their creative collaboration.

So, moms, grab your markers, stickers, and your toddler’s artistic spirit, and let’s create a one-of-a-kind gift that will warm your dad’s heart. Get ready for a mug full of love, laughter, and scribbles that will make this Father’s Day truly unforgettable!

Remember, it’s not about perfection, but the joy and love that go into each scribble. Happy crafting!

Scribble Mug Father's Day Crafts for Kids

Shrinky Dink Keychain: A Grand Gesture for Grandpa on Father’s Day!

My kids got the perfect project this year to make their Grandpa smile from ear to ear. We’ve already shared a detailed article on how to create these delightful keychains, but let me give you a sneak peek.

With just a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of shrink magic, you and your little ones can make a personalized keychain that captures precious memories and love. It’s the perfect way to show Grandpa how much he means to the whole family.

So, gather your supplies and get ready to shrink some smiles!

Shrinky Dink Keychain - Father's Day Craft

We hope these Father’s Day crafts for kids have inspired you to create something special. But the crafting fun doesn’t end here! We have a wide range of exciting and creative activities waiting for you to explore. 

For more crafty ideas, tips, and tutorials, different activities with your kids don’t forget to follow us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok an YouTube. We share a wealth of how-to videos and inspiration to keep your creative juices flowing. 

So, join our community, stay connected, and let’s make every occasion a memorable one through the power of crafting. Happy Father’s Day and happy crafting!

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