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Feed the Bunny Game by Messy Learning Kids

The Feed the Bunny game is a fun and engaging activity that kids can enjoy with their friends and family. This game promotes creativity, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and many more, making it an excellent way to develop a child’s cognitive and physical abilities.

This article will offer a detailed guide on creating some bunny Easter game and playing it, with easy-to-follow instructions.

Get ready to have fun while the kids learn and grow they will love feeding that bunny with carrots!

And for an added twist, try the Bunny Mini Golf Easter game with a free printable pdf bunny template.

Feed the Bunny Game

Materials Needed for This Feed the Rabbit Activity

Step-by-Step Instructions

To create this bunny Easter game, you can start by making a tray from a flat cardboard box. This tray will serve as the base for the game.

For the bunny board, use another piece of cardboard of the same width as the fruit box.

Draw a bunny face on the cardboard using a pencil, and then paint it with your favorite colors.

We used Acrylic markers as they are a great choice for cardboard because they offer excellent adhesion, vibrant colors, quick drying time, and versatility.

Once you have painted the face, use a pair of scissors to cut out the bunny’s mouth.

To create the catapult, cut out a cardboard stripe slightly longer than the fruit box’s width.

Then, cut two parallel stripes in the middle of the cardboard piece. There will you push the end of the craft stick.

Glue one end on the top of the cardboard.

Using a knife, cut the bottom of a plastic bottle and attach it to the craft stick with glue.

This will design a catapult.

The bottle will serve as the holder for the carrots.

Finally, place the other end of the craft stick into the parallel stripe cutouts.

Bunny Carrots Craft

Before you feed the bunny, the kids have to complete a great Easter craft, making the carrots.

Start by cutting the middle parts of an egg cardboard box into carrot shapes. You can use a carrot template to trace onto the cardboard to ensure uniformity. Then, paint the carrots orange using paint that adheres well to the cardboard.

Once the paint is completely dry, it is time to add the carrot tops. To do this, cut a few strands of green raffia and bunch them together.

Then, using glue, place them in the hole of each carrot to make them look like real carrots. This step adds a fun and realistic touch to the game, making it more engaging for kids.

How to Play this Bunny Toddler Activity?

Load the carrots one by one into the catapult and use it to aim the carrots into the bunny’s mouth. Feed the bunny game is perfect for practicing fine motor skills and can be made even more exciting by adding friendly competition between players. Count how many carrots can the kids throw into the bunny’s mouth. Whoever will get the most points gets a special prize. You can also make different levels of difficulty for older kids.

Feed the bunny is perfect for both toddlers and preschoolers. Preschoolers will learn the concept of aiming and hitting a target, which is a fundamental skill that is important for their physical and mental development.

Bunny Mini Golf Easter Game

Do you remember our Turkey Gross Motor Activity? Now we added an Easter twist to it and prepared the Mini Golf Bunny Easter Game. It is an exciting activity that combines the fun of Easter with the challenge of golf.

This game is perfect for promoting gross motor skills and providing a unique way to celebrate the holiday. So, get ready to tee off and make some egg-citing memories with the kids!

What will you need?

What to Do?

Firstly, print the free printable bunny template and glue it on the box.

Download Our FREE Bunny Template for the Easter Mini Golf

Then, carve a large opening in the mouth section.

Next, place the box in your living area, patio, or in the yard with sufficient room. Scatter small balls throughout the area, using ball pit balls as Easter eggs or orange balls as carrots, and employ wooden spoons as golf clubs to strike the balls into the hole in the bunny’s mouth.

Your children will enjoy striking the balls throughout the house, attempting to put them into the bunny’s mouth, while also improving their gross motor abilities.

Benefits of Our Easter Bunny Games

Hand-eye coordination

Playing the game requires kids to use their hand-eye coordination to aim and launch the food items into the bunny’s mouth using the catapult. Mini golf requires kids to aim and hit a ball into a hole using a wooden spoon.

Gross motor skills

Using the catapult to launch the food items can also help kids develop their gross motor skills, such as their arm and hand muscles.

Mini golf requires kids to move their bodies in a variety of ways, such as bending, twisting, and swinging, which can improve their strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Problem-solving and critical thinking

The game can also help kids develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills as they figure out the best way to launch the food items into the bunny’s mouth.

Mini golf requires kids to think strategically about how to navigate obstacles and get the ball into the hole.

Creativity and imagination

Making a mini golf course using a cardboard box can inspire kids to use their creativity and imagination to design and decorate the course, which can boost their artistic and cognitive development.

Other Benefits

The game can also help improve fine motor skills, such as grasping the food items and placing them onto the catapult. As with any game, success in the game requires patience and perseverance, which can help kids develop these important life skills.

Perhaps most importantly, playing the game can provide kids with a fun and entertaining activity that can help relieve stress and promote a positive mood.

Cardboard Recycling

Recycling cardboard with the bunny Easter Game is not only a fun activity for kids but also beneficial for the environment. By using cardboard boxes in this game, you can encourage children to appreciate the value of recycling and reusing materials.

By incorporating cardboard recycling into kids’ activities, we can instill a sense of environmental responsibility and teach children to be mindful of their impact on the planet. It’s a small step, but it can make a big difference in promoting sustainable living practices.

If you don’t have time to make your own bunny game, you can still find alternative solutions here:


Feed the bunny is a great game to enjoy the Easter holiday with your kids and make some fun memories.

By making the bunny board and carrots together, kids can learn how to use different tools and materials while expressing their artistic side. Kids will love to feed the bunny and practice their aim. So, gather your materials and get ready to play!

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