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FREE Easter Cut and Paste Printables by Messy Learning Kids

Children love getting involved in a holiday theme, that’s why we have prepared free Easter cut and paste activities for them to enjoy from the Easter basket. The worksheets are perfect for toddlers and kids in preschool. The printables are listed in five categories, they cover different fields of learning and are planned to practice various skills.

Keep those little hands busy and let creativity blossom with our fun Easter worksheets.

Easter Cut and Paste - Scissors

Easter Cut and Paste Worksheets

The free printable cut and glue activities are a fun way to warm up for the festive season. There is also a printer-friendly version of these cut and paste worksheets. Each page is filled with colorful spring-themed pictures like Easter eggs, bunnies, chicks, and other colorful images that will make learning and practice more enjoyable. These pages can be used as standalone activities or incorporated into a themed activity workbook.

Download the free Easter cut and glue worksheets, print them, and watch your bunny “spring” into action.

Easter Cut and Paste Free Printables

What Will You Need?

Math Easter Activity

Math Easter printables such as counting, number recognition, and tracing can help preschoolers develop their numerical skills and enhance their problem-solving abilities. These worksheets require kids to count and identify numbers, trace and write them, and match them with corresponding objects.

  • Count – Trace – Glue: After tracing and writing the numbers, cut the Easter images at the bottom of each page and glue the right number of images in the nest.
  • Missing Easter Egg Numbers: Cut and glue the number of the missing egg in the blanks.

Logical Thinking

These Easter cut and pasting activities (April lesson plans) require kids to use their analytical skills to match shapes and complete a jigsaw puzzle, promoting their logical thinking abilities. By analyzing the shapes and pictures and finding the matching pieces, little ones learn how to break down complex tasks into smaller, more manageable parts. This helps to develop their problem-solving skills.

  • Cut and Match: Cut out each shape at the bottom of the page. Find the matching shape in the image above and glue it onto the correct position.
  • Coloring Easter Jigsaw: Color in the picture before cutting the pieces. First, paste the jigsaws on the matching pieces in the picture. Later try without the matching picture.
Easter Cut and Paste Jigsaw

Reading and Picture Matching

These free Easter reading worksheets promote literacy skills for preschoolers or bigger kids depending on their reading ability. The worksheets can improve their reading readiness and develop a stronger foundation for future reading success.

The Easter Eggs matching activity contains only CVC words. These are three-letter words that consist of a consonant, a vowel, and another consonant.

Easter Cut and Paste Reading

They are often used in early childhood education to teach phonics and reading skills, as they are easy for young learners to sound out and recognize. They are also commonly used in speech therapy as a way to help children practice producing and discriminating between different speech sounds.

  • Read and Match: Cut and paste each Easter picture to match each word.
  • Read and Match Easter Eggs: Cut and paste by matching the image to the other halves of the Easter eggs, where the written words are.

Color Recognition

Color recognition is important for toddlers as it helps them to distinguish and identify colors which is a crucial step in their cognitive and sensory development.

  • Sort by Colors: Cut and paste the pictures from the bottom of the page into the correct box.
Easter Cut and Paste - Color Sorting

Easter Cut and Glue Fun

These worksheets are egg-citing for fun and allow children to use their imagination and creativity while improving their fine motor skills through cutting and gluing activities.

  • Funny Bunny Face: Cut and paste the body parts of the Easter bunny onto the page where the face of the rabbit is.
  • Easter Bonnet: Cut the Easter accessories and paste them by gluing them on the hat.

The Benefits of Cut and Paste Activities

Cut and paste activities are a common type of hands-on learning activity that involves cutting out pictures or shapes and gluing them onto a designated area or surface. These activities can be used in various educational settings, from preschools and kindergartens to primary and elementary schools. Here are some benefits of cut and paste activities:

Fine motor skills

Cutting and pasting require children to use their hands and fingers, which helps to develop their fine motor skills. These skills are important for everyday activities, such as writing, tying shoelaces, and buttoning clothes.

Easter Cut and Paste Writing Numbers

Enhance creativity

These worksheets allow children to be creative and use their imagination to create unique designs and compositions. They can use different colors, shapes, and sizes to make unique art pieces.

Reinforce learning

These activities can be used to reinforce learning in various subjects such as math, science, and language arts. For example, children can cut and paste pictures of different animals to match the sounds they make or cut and paste numbers to practice counting.

Easter Cut and Paste Gluing

Develop spatial awareness

These easter activities require children to think about the space and placement of the shapes and pictures they are working with. This helps to develop their spatial awareness and understanding of basic geometric concepts.

Encourage independent learning

These Easter cut and paste worksheets are often self-directed, which allows children to work independently and at their own pace. This promotes independent learning and helps children develop self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

Easter Cut and Paste - Jigsaws

Easter is just around the corner, don’t forget to check out our other easter activities like Sheep craft, Feed the Bunny game, or Chick for painting.

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