10 Fun Halloween Read Alouds

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Fun Halloween Read Alouds

October… The leaves are changing color… it’s a bit chilly outside… and Halloween is just around the corner.

What could be a better approach to gettting into the spirit of Halloween than by reading a scary story? Here are some of our favorite fun Halloween read alouds to get you and your little ones in the mood for a spooky night.

Best Toddler Halloween Read Aloud – The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Halloween Trick or Treat

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Halloween edition is still a great way to teach your toddler how to count.

This counting book for toddlers is filled with colorful pictures of spiders, owls, bats, pumpkins, and other Halloweenish items. Your child will love learning how to count with this fun and interactive book.

best halloween books for kids

If you have a pair of The Very Hungry Caterpillar Socks, you can use them as a sock puppet, and this way it will be more interesting for your little ones.

Best Kindergarten Halloween Book – Bing’s Halloween Party

Bing’s Halloween Party is a great book for kids who are looking for a fun and festive read. Charlie is scared of Bing and his Halloween costume at first, but he soon learns that there’s nothing to be afraid of. 

halloween children's books

This Halloween read aloud is perfect for young readers who are looking for a “Bing thing”, yet ultimately harmless read.

Your kids can also dress up as the characters. Some of the Halloween costumes that you can find in the story are a dinosaur, pirate, unicorn, hedgehog, or princess.

This is a perfect read aloud book if you’re having a Halloween party in your nursery setting. You can also wear your own Halloween costume when you read this book to them.  

Best Julia Donaldson Book that is Perfect for Halloween Read Alouds – Room on the Broom

Witches aren’t only found in scary movies or haunted houses; sometimes they fly on their broomsticks right into children’s books! One such book is Room on the Broom with fantastic illustrations.

halloween stories for kids

This story follows a kind witch who picks up some hitchhikers on her broomstick ride through the sky.

A dog, cat, and bird all hop aboard the broom, much to the witch’s dismay. But when a dragon appears, will the extra weight be a problem?

Room on the Broom is a fun and festive read for Halloween time.

You can even make your own Shadow Puppet Theatre.

Creating it is an enjoyable, simple family-bonding activity.

But you can also make it with your kids in the nursery setting or pupils in the class.

This is such a perfect way to introduce them to this classic storybook.

  • We have found some printables that are available here.

For toddlers from 1 to 3 years there’s a Room on the Broom: A Push, Pull and Slide Book and you can also purchase a soft toy witch.

For preschoolers, you can choose from Story Time Playset and an activity book that surely will enjoy the Room on The Broom lovers.

Best Fun Read Aloud for Halloween – The Baby Beast

When an egg is delivered to Beast’s doorstep, Beast is a bit frustrated. Should he feed it? Take it for a walk? Drop it? Doctor Yoko tells him to keep sleeping, but what exactly is keeping him awake is a mystery to the Beast.

This is one great Halloween picture book that my kids liked.

scary books for kids

Spooky Preschool Halloween Read Aloud of a Timid Ghost – Ready Steady Ghost!

This is a creepy and fun-filled story that’s perfect for kids who love a good scare.

The main character is a little ghost who would like to be as gifted at frightening as the large ghosts. However, he worries about the challenge. Little Bertie would like to find a small, cozy house that’s ideal for a little ghost to haunt.

So, Ready Steady Ghost! Read this book to your children!

scary children's books

Best Preschool Halloween Book – Winnie and Wilbur: Festival of Witches

Winnie and Wilbur are at it again! This time, they’re getting ready for the Festival of Witches, where they meet lots of other Witches and make some nice friendships.

My kids are big fans of them. They ask me to read aloud their books many times.

children's halloween books

After lots of dancing and singing the festival got over and they were alone again. So she and her cat decided to visit her new friends one-by-one. They went to a tree house, on the top of a mountain, in a lighthouse…

Your little one will surely have a spellbinding good time while you read aloud this great story.

You can do some Witch’s Broom threading activity, witch you can find in our Halloween Fine Motor Activities.

My Kids Favorite Halloween Read Aloud Book – I Went Trick-or-Treating

A lovely not so spooky Halloween book for toddlers and preschooler kids. My kids laughed loudly when I read this book, as it repeats all the creatures they have scared on their way to Trick or Treating.

halloween story for kids

The list gets longer with every page when we get to a big colorful haunted house. Here you can find nearly everyone who they have scared. My girls tried to rehearse all the Halloween characters they met through their walk.

After reading this Halloween read aloud we did some Skeleton craft with other spooky activities too. Parents and teachers are all welcome to try out with their kids.

This book is also good for reading aloud to grade school children.

Halloween Story for First Graders – School for Little Monsters

In this funny story, a little boy and a young monster accidentally swap schools on their first day. All sorts of hilarious hijinks ensue. See what happens when they each try to fit in at the wrong school in this funny read-aloud.

In my opinion, this book is more for school grade kids.

halloween books for preschoolers

Best Halloween Bedtime Story – Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Monster

This is not a spooky book, but perfect for bedtime. It counts down from ten minutes to sleep.

Ten Minutes to Bed is a book series and this one is perfect after Trick or Treating on Halloween night. When it’s time for the little monster to go to sleep, they wish to continue partying.

kindergarten read alouds

Halloween Pumpkin Read Aloud – Winnie and Wilbur: The Amazing Pumpkin

As I told you earlier, we are big fans of Winnie and Wilbur series, they are one of our favorite Halloween read alouds. This time I bought a book about a huge pumpkin.

Winnie and Wilbur love vegetables, so she wanted to grow their own. But they grew very slow and instead of waiting patiently, she choose her wand and some spells. 

Of course, it went wrong, and she was left with a big pumpkin. Winnie the Witch made a pumpkin pie, pumpkin scones, and pumpkin soup. Lot of pumpkins were left.

spooky story for kids

What did she do with the big pumpkin? I won’t tell you! Read it aloud to your kids, they’ll like it, I’m pretty sure.

Don’t forget to do some creative activities with pumpkins after your reading. Check the ideas below:

Download Our Printable Pumpkin Template
book themed pumpkin ideas
  • make some pumpkins out of pipe cleaners
  • do some pumpkin carving…

Guess what? You can find all of these activities right here at Messylearningkids. You’re at the right place to pumpkin spice up your reading time with Halloween activities and pumpkin crafts.

These are our 10 Best Fun Halloween Read Alouds, we hope you’ll enjoy them. Please let us know in the comment witch are your favorites 🙂

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