Easy Paper Plate Sports Crafts

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Paper Plate Sports Crafts

Kids are most enthusiastic about sports during the summer months, but how to promote a sport activity on rainy days? Sports themed activities for preschoolers could also be different arts and crafts projects, not only gross motor activities.

If you’re searching for a super entertaining easy and fun craft project that will benefit the whole family, you may want to try making paper plate sports crafts!

This is an excellent way to get into the spirit of sharing the passion for your favorite sport, and it’s also a good approach to spending some time together. 

What can you make with paper plates? Here are some ideas on how you can create your own simple paper craft projects that are easy for preschoolers too.

Supplies for Paper Plate DIY Sports Crafts

There’s no need to invest a lot of money in purchasing materials for paper plate sports crafts. All you really need are paper plates, glue, scissors, and versatile craft accessories. 

A plastic plate can be used in some cases instead of a paper plate, but paper is easier to handle. The deep dish kind works best.

You can use any sort of paint you have on hand, but acrylic works best because it dries quickly. For the glue, Elmer’s Glue is the best option, but a hot glue gun will also work. 

make a plate
Prepare plates for kids to decorate

Basic materials for paper plate sports craft:

These are the basics, but you will see the additional materials listed separately for each project.

Football Craft for Football Fans

Football lovers will enjoy these simple DIY football crafts. 

Paper plate sports craft ideas are a great project for kids of all ages. This one is a perfect football preschool craft, they will love to participate in it. It is good for their fine motor skills: cutting, painting, threading.

Football craft paper plate supplies:

How to make a football out of paper plate?

  • Fold the paper plate in half and cut the edges a little bit to get a football shape.
  • Punch 4-5 holes in the middle of the outer ends.
how to fold paper football craft
How to fold a paper football plate
  • Thread the strings through the holes for the laces.
  • Dye the paper plate on light brown, once it’s dry dip a piece of bubble wrap in dark brown paint (or simply paint it with a paintbrush), and stamp your football with it. 
how to make a paper football craft
Preparing football paper plates
  • Once it’s dried draw the white stripes on both ends.
how to make paper football plate
Football crafts for kids

Paper Plate Soccer Ball Craft

This is a perfect preschool sports day craft activity. It helps kids’ fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Soccer paper plate materials:

  • White beans
  • Sunflower seeds
crafts sports
Some super easy cool paper plates

What to Do?

Those simple crafts projects are the best that can be done with things we have around the house.

  • First, draw the black and white segments of the ball.
paper plates art and crafts
Soccer ball pattern
  • Cover one segment at a time with glue.
  • Add beans to the white part and sunflower seeds to the black ones.
football craft for preschool
Preschool soccer crafts for fine motor skills
 football crafts for toddlers
Decorate your own plate with beans and sunflower seeds

Baseball Craft with Your Favorite Baseball Team

Baseball paper plate supplies:

How to make a Baseball Paper Craft? 

When it comes to baseball, there’s no greater feeling than rooting for your favorite baseball team. No matter the outcome, it’s always exciting to see them play during the big game.

The baseball paper plate project is a great way to celebrate your love of baseball and for decorating your baseball-themed party. Or for just having some fun with your kids!

  • Start by drawing the stitches on the plate with a red marker. 
 how to make a paper plate baseball craft
Stitches on the paper plate
sports paper
Gluing the stitches
  • Glue the stitches and cover them with red yarn, and your craft balls are ready.
baseball paper plates
Simple Paper Plate Baseball

How to make Baseball Team Paper Plate Arts and Crafts?

Here is a fun way to show support for your team and cheer with a handmade craft at your next team party.

  • Draw your favorite baseball team’s logo on the paper plate or print it first and glue it onto the plate.
  • Prepare a bunch of tissue paper squares ahead in the desired colors.
sport arts and crafts
Sports art and craft for preschool kids
  • Dab a small portion of the logo with glue, wrinkle the tissue pieces, and insert them into the glued surface. It will take a little time, but keep going.
projects with paper plates
paper plates projects
Paper plate baseball with the favorite team

Tennis Paper Plate Activities

If you are a tennis lover, this can be a perfect indoor version of your favorite sport.

What will you need for tennis paper plates?

What to Do?

  • Grab 2 plates and cut out a circle in the middle. 
  • Use a hole puncher to create holes in the inner circle. 
  • Thread the strings first vertically and then horizontally to make the rackets mash. You can make your craft more fun by adding some colors. 
  • The craft sticks have to be attached to the back of the plates with a glue gun or/and duct tape.
paper plate designs
Sports craft for preschoolers who like tennis
  • Making a tennis ball is the easiest part since you will only need to blow a yellow balloon in a smaller size. 

Your tennis game is ready and you can enjoy playing. The aim of the game is to keep the ball in the air using the rackets.

activity sports craft
Paper plate tennis

How to Make a Frisbe out of Paper Plate? 

Making your own paper plate frisbee is a great project for all ages, and the crafting part can be done both indoors and outdoors.

DIY Frisbee paper plate materials:

How to make it?

  • Start with cutting a circle in the middle of the 2 plates, then you can start designing your own frisbee.
  • Use markers for the bottom parts of both plates to decorate the blank frisbees.
  • You can paint frisbee with watercolor. Fill the white parts or paint the whole background, it will give an additional touch to the lines of the markers.
paper frisby
Frisbee plate
how to make a paper frisbe
Our cool frisbees
  • Place the upper parts of the plates against each other so that the decorated sides are facing out
  • Glue them together and the paper frisbee for kids is ready to be used.

Have fun tossing your newly made paper plate Frisbee!

sports activities for preschoolers
Sports activities for preschoolers

Paper Plate Basketball Sports Themed Crafts

Children will love creating their very own ball craft using paper plates! We like to think about the little ones too, and this can be a great sports craft for toddlers.

Paper plate basketball craft materials:

basketball crafts
One of the basketball crafts ideas

How to make a paper basketball plate?

  • Paint the plates light orange using watercolor. It will give a light shade to the base.
  • Then use bright orange fingerpaint for stamping your little one’s fingerprints to create the basketball’s texture. 
painting paper plates
Basketball craft ideas
paper plate drawing
Paper plate crafts for 2 year olds
  • Once the paint has dried, draw the stitching details with a black marker.
sports plates
Basketball on a paper plate

Conclusion – Paper Plate Sport Themed Crafts

As you can see there are many crafts to do with paper plates. Our kids really enjoyed making them.

Which is your favorite? Let us know how it went. Leave your comment below!

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