Simple Pipe Cleaner Pumpkin Craft for the Whole Family

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Pipe Cleaner Pumpkins Featured by Messy Learning Kids

Pipe cleaners are among the most versatile craft materials available. We experimented with our pumpkin pipe cleaner ideas, and they turned out so well, the kids couldn’t stop creating them and made quite a few.

So let’s pumpkin spice things up and make an adorable pipe cleaner pumpkin with your kids, or even more! 

Pipe Cleaner Pumpkins

These little pipe cleaner guys are perfect for decorating your home for Halloween or Thanksgiving, or for giving as gifts to someone, and older kids will also enjoy crafting with them.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about your pipe cleaner pumpkin rotting away 😅 – they will last quite a few years.

How to Make a Pumpkin Out of Pipe Cleaners?

Gather the supplies:

Pom Pom Pumpkin

Create one of the cutest and smallest pumpkins!

Grab an orange pom pom and stick on two googly eyes. Cut 2 small pieces from the green pipe cleaner for the stem, and stab them into the pom pom.

Spiral Pumpkin

Create a festive fall decoration with this easy pumpkin pipe cleaner craft!

Take an orange pipe cleaner and roll a spiral shape for the pumpkin. Roll a green pipe cleaner around your finger or a pencil, then connect it to the pumpkin with one small green pipe cleaner piece. 

3D Pumpkin Craft

Prepare 4 orange pipe cleaners and make a star shape. Press one finger on the middle of the star, and pick up the ends in a bunch with your other hand and hold them together. 

Grab a green pipe cleaner and twist the middle part around the pointy end of the bunch, to hold it together. Wrap both green ends around a pencil or around your finger to shape the stem. Form the orange structure to get a pumpkin shape. Once it’s ready you can enjoy your Halloween treats.

Beaded Pumpkin Crafts

Give an orange pipe cleaner, and orange pony beads to your kids and let them thread it.

Leave about 2 cm on both sides free and twist the two ends together to close a circle after adding the orange beads. Add the green beads onto the empty pipe cleaner pieces to get the pumpkin’s stem.

Bend the bottom part of the circle to get a  pumpkin shape. Also, bend the ends of the stems so the beads won’t fall off.

You can boost the previous 3D pumpkin craft with orange beads and let your kids practice their fine motor skills.

Pumpkin Decorating With Pipe Cleaners

Cover your pumpkin in bright pipe cleaners! Our idea was to give it a striped look. We used purple and orange pipe cleaners and glued them to the ridges of the pumpkin all the way to the bottom.

The smaller the pumpkin the better. But in case your pipe cleaner is too short, connect them by twisting the ends to extend its length.

Create a cute or funny face for your pumpkin. Add googly eyes, a mustache, and hair from pipe cleaners. Let your kids’ imagination run wild, and let them bend the pipe cleaners to get other facial features.

Some other Halloween pipe cleaner crafts

Do you have more pipe cleaners to use? Don’t put them away, because we have made some cute pipe cleaner spiders that you might like to see.

Give your little one a spooky fine motor activity to do for Halloween, and make a beaded witch’s broom.

You can also check out our pipe cleaner template with a witch, broom, cat, hat, and ghost made from pipe cleaners that are hauntingly cute!

Just follow the shapes of the printed template and create your own Halloween pattern. 

Download Our Pipe Cleaner Templates for Halloween

And if you don’t have more pipe cleaners left, but you are interested in Halloween activities, search for more on Messylearningkids!

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