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No matter how much we love to be outdoors even on rainy days, we admire the rain and muddy puddles. But there are days when we need to stay longer indoors

Being inside the house doesn’t mean we have to sit still, there are some activities that will make the kids move those muscles

This string laser maze activity is amazing for those days when you are stuck inside the house and you don’t even need too much space for it, only the hallway. Your kids will love this fun activity because it’s like a real-life video game!

What is a String Maze?

A DIY hallway laser maze is a fun activity that will keep the kids busy and make a busy mom able to relax while the children are occupied.

A string maze is created using a string or yarn that’s laid out along the hallway in a zig zag line. Kids must then maneuver around like spies. They can test their reflexes and agility as they try to make it through without getting zapped or tripped up by one of those pesky strings!

String Laser Maze kid in action

DIY Laser Maze 

You can set up this string maze easily, and it will amuse your kids as they crawl and climb through it. 

What will you need for your string laser maze?

🧶 Ball of red/green string or yarn

🩹 Masking tape 

💎 Toy diamonds

👔 Spy costume (optional)

How Do You Make a Maze with String?

Create a mission from a spy movie in your hallway. Make the laser beams from simple string or yarn to model the scene. Tape the strings or a long yarn on the wall with a long piece of masking tape at the anchor points. 

Masking tape won’t damage the walls like any other strong tape. Simply criss cross the string laser at varying heights. Follow a zig zag pattern high and low (horizontally, vertically, and diagonally) down the hallway leaving enough space for the kids to fit through. 

You can either use individual pieces of strings or keep the yarn roll in tack across the hallway. Make it challenging enough so that they won’t be able to crawl underneath it, but also not too hard. You can design the lase maze space bigger and wider for older kids

How Do You Play the Hallway Laser Maze?

The goal and mission are to climb, step, and crawl through the laser maze without touching the string lasers. When they touch the string laser you can press a buzzer, to make it more fun and lifelike. 

Lara also dressed up in all black and wore a black hat like a real spy. Encourage the kids to pretend to be spies and place a treasure at the end of the maze that they can steal.

Hallway Obstacle Course with Laser Maze and a Challenge

Our first obstacle course challenge was to get the diamond from the end of the maze and bring it back to the starting point and place it in a box. You can use coins, money, jewelry, or other treasure instead of diamonds. 

The second fun game was filled with extra challenges. Our whole family participated in this string laser maze game since we had a long rainy day, and we had so much fun playing. 

If you or your kids touch the lasers you have to go back to the starting point and complete a challenge. This can be something like singing a song, jumping on one leg, jumping jacks, or doing push-ups (especially if daddy plays too 😁).

Our third string laser maze challenge was an egg-carrying game. Keep reading, they weren’t real eggs, no matter how much we love messy play in this case we used plastic eggs. 😅

The challenge is to carry the egg on the spoon through the string laser maze back and forth without dropping the egg. Don’t forget to set a timer. If the egg falls you have to start all over. Whoever completes the challenge the fastest, will get a prize.

If you don’t have enough time to set up and tape the strings, there is a cool alternative solution for the lasers that you can purchase online.

If you liked our string laser maze activity, check out more creative ideas on our website. 

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