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Yoto vs Tonie - Which one to choose?

Comparing children’s audio products can be overwhelming. Parents want to find a product that will engage their kids while also providing a quality experience screen free. 

Two popular products are Yoto player and Toniebox. Both offer interactive stories, music, and learning activities for young kids. But what’s the difference between these two products? 

In this article, we’ll explore the key features of Yoto vs Tonie to help you decide which one is right for your family.


Yoto is an all-in-one player, designed specifically for young children aged 3+, while Tonie offers users more control over their listening experience.

The two products have similarities in that they both offer child-friendly content streamed over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 

But when it comes to compatibility, there are some key differences between Yoto and Tonie. 

Yoto uses its own app – ‘Yoto Player’ – which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Parents can also choose from a variety of subscription plans through the Yoto app depending on their listening needs: from single-story purchases to unlimited downloads. 

Meanwhile, Tonie offers three tiers of subscription packages that enable users to download content while offering parental controls such as limiting access to certain content or restricting playtime.

Selection of Audio Content in Yoto vs Tonie

Yoto provides an extensive selection of audio content for children and adults alike. From music to books, this innovative platform has something to offer everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to engage your little ones or a soothing bedtime story, Yoto player offers an impressive array of audio material that is sure to please.

The collection of audio stories available on Yoto ranges from classic tales like The Gruffalo to the latest releases from popular authors such as David Walliams.

There are also interactive adventures for younger listeners, all designed to provide hours of educational entertainment. 

In addition, Yoto has a library of over 30 000 tracks of music available in various genres – pop tunes, classical music, and even nature sounds – allowing users to customize their listening experience according to their preferences.

Tonies story box, the innovative audio content delivery system, is revolutionizing the way children access and listen to stories. Tonie makes it easy and fun for kids to select, customize, and play their favorite audiobooks, songs, and podcasts with just a wave of their hands. This s a perfect kids music player too. 

The Tonie selection includes over 300 titles from popular books such as Harry Potter, and Elmer the Elephant, to classic nursery rhymes that children love.

Plus, Tonie also offers original content created by professional voice actors that bring the stories to life with captivating sound effects and music that will immerse your child in a magical world of sound. 

There are interactive elements in some stories where children can join the characters in their adventures.

The selection of Toniebox audio disks is relatively small compared to the wide range of audio content that is available for other devices. You may not be able to find specific stories, songs, etc that you are looking for on creative Tonies.

Recording Your Own Content

Can’t find what you are looking for? Both of them offer an opportunity to cast your child’s favorites by recording your own voice reading story books, singing child songs, or other special recordings.

Recording your voice can lend comfort to your children during your absence.

Toniebox with Gruffalo


Yoto’s simplest starter pack is slightly more expensive than Toniebox’s. Card prices vary from around $10, but you can buy more in bundles too for about $30. 

Yoto box also offers a membership plan with monthly or annual payments. With their Yoto club plan, you can get two Yoto cards each month and 10% off on everything. This all comes with free shipping no matter how much you spend. 

Tonie characters are about $15 each, you can save up to 20% if you choose any bundle starter packs. 

Toniebox’s cheapest starter pack is a perfect toddler music player.

Durability of these Kids’ Audio and Music Players

The durability of Yoto and Toniebox audio players and audio disks or cards can vary. Some people have reported in both Yoto reviews and Tonibox reviews too that these products are not as durable as they would like and that they can be prone to breaking or malfunctioning. 

Other people have not had this experience and have found Yoto and Tonie’s products to be durable and long-lasting.

In general, both Yoto and Tonie box products are designed to be durable and withstand rough handling, which can be important for children’s products. These players like all other products can potentially experience issues or wear and tear over time. This may be especially true if you are using it frequently or handling roughly.

My advice is to consider purchasing a warranty or protection plan to give you additional peace of mind, mostly if younger kids will handle them.

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Other Factors to Consider when Choosing Between Yoto Player or Toniebox

Ease of Use

Both Yoto and Toniebox are designed to be easy for children to use. 

With the Yoto player you or your kid only have to pop in an audio card and the story starts, while removing the card audio will stop playing. If you put it back it will continue the story where you stopped it previously.

The volume is controlled with the left-hand button that has to be turned left or right. Pressing the right-hand button is it will give a new audio snippet every day, called Kyoto Daily. If you press it one more time, it will start to play its own child friendly radio station.

With snuggly and soft Toniebox kids just have to place their Tonies toy (little characters) on the top of the box and the adventure begins.

Toggling the volume is easy with the Toniebox ears by pitching them. The bigger one is for tuning the volume up, while the little one is for turning the volume down. 

Portability and Battery Life 

Both the Yoto Player and Toniebox are small and portable, which makes them easy to take with you when you are on the go. 

Tonibox Bluetooth speaker is bigger than the Yoto player, but the Yoto player offers a mini version too with some feature restrictions compared with the bigger one. You can even purchase an Adventure Jacket so kids can easily bring their Yoto with them anywhere. 

Yoto’s battery life is up to 10 hours of play, while Toni box’s battery life lasts 7 hours.

Educational Value

Many of both Toniebox characters and Yoto Cards are designed to be educational as well as entertaining and can teach children about a variety of subjects. 

If you are looking for audio products that have an educational component, it may be worth considering which brand offers more content on the subjects that you are interested in.

Accessories for Yoto and Tonibox

Toniebox offers different carrying cases or character bags, and headphones, shelves for Tonies, besides USB or simple extra chargers.

Yoto Players have lovely card cases, so you can keep neat all your own Yoto cards. They offer a card pouch and Yoto Headphones too. You can find travel cases and Adventure Jackets in different colors besides universal magnetic power docks and display protectors.  

Language Skills

If you wonder if these audio players support other languages than English, our answer is yes, but it still needs to be added more to this. 

Yoto supports English, French, and Spanish, but there is also a learning card available in the starter pack that teaches 100 words in French, German, Spanish, Italian, and English.

Toniebox is available in English and German but creative Tonie can be filled with any audio language content.

Playing with Tonies

Besides these, we also have to mention that Yoto Player has a customizable clock and sleep trainer function. It has a built-in night light. Daytime the sun appears on its display, and at night the moon – teaches kids of time when they have to get to bed. 

Overall, there are a number of factors to consider when deciding between Yoto and Tonies products. It is worth considering your specific needs and preferences to determine which brand is the best fit for you.

Yoto Mini vs. Yoto Player: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to portable audio players, there are two main options on the market – the Yoto mini and the Toto player. Here’s a breakdown of what each offers:

The Yoto mini is slightly smaller and lighter than the Yoto player and comes with a shorter battery life. It has no screen or buttons, instead relying on touch-sensitive controls on the side. 

The Yoto player also lacks a screen but includes a backlight for nighttime use, louder sound quality, and more buttons for easier access to your music.

Which one is right for you depends largely on your needs and preferences. If you only need a small, lightweight player for occasional listening, the Yoto mini might be better suited for you.

Yoto Mini

Conclusion of Toniebox vs Yoto

In summary, both brands offer children’s audio players and accompanying Tonies figures or Yoto cards with pre-recorded audio content. Both brands offer a wide selection of audio content that is appropriate for children, including stories, music, educational content and you can create your own content too.

Toniebox or Yoto Player? Yoto vs Tonie? I recommend choosing by your needs and preferences. Yoto player offers more audio content for their Yoto club members, while Toniebox’s starter pack is slightly more affordable. 

Regardless of which music system you ultimately decide on, the Yoto player and the Toniebox are both wonderful presents for young children to have some screen free quality time.

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